No need to book – just turn up & tee off!
Golf and prices Manchester

No need to book - just turn up and tee off!

Looking for an epic adventure?

Come and play our two indoor, 18 – hole mini-golf courses. Tackle the Tropical Trail or Ancient Explorer then brave the bonus 19th hole to win a free round.

Price List

18 holes (1 course)
Senior masters (60+)
Young'uns (under 5s)
Student putters*
Family of 4**
36 holes (2 courses)
Senior masters (60+)
Young'uns (under 5s)
Student putters*
(+FREE bottled beer, cider, 125ml wine or soft drink)
Family of 4**

*  Sun 5pm - Fri 5pm with valid student photo ID
** Family must have one child 12 years or under

Opening hours

Mon - Wed: 11am to 10pm
Thurs - Fri: 11am to 11pm
Sat: 10am to 11pm
Sun: 10am to 10pm

Early Bird

Tee off before midday and play two courses for the price of one

Only available Monday to Friday
Includes summer holidays. Excludes all other bank holidays & school holidays
Both courses to be played on the same visit

Manchester Tropical Trail

Tropical Trail

Set off on an 18-hole jungle trek.

Navigate your way through the rainforest canopy, putting through the mighty Twisted Fig as you go. Dodge stalagmites in Bug Canyon, chat with cheeky toucans and get some sound advice from Grandpa Nut. Oh, and listen out for our singing barbershop frogs on your way to the Cascading River.

Are you up for the tropical challenge?

Ancient Explorer Mask

Ancient Explorer

Discover 18 holes of mystical magic.

The Sacred Mask and The Sleepy Head are waiting to welcome you to the Cloud Village – just don’t give them a rude awakening! Scale a mountain for epic views and pay your respects to Mabel the Monkey Queen. Ancient spirits stir in the crumbling temple, but it’s the Sniping Viper’s tongue you need to watch out for.

Think you can outwit the ancient empire?

Manchester 19th hole

The 19th hole

Unleash the power of the bonus hole!

The monkey gods give all players the chance to win a free round. Impress them with a stonking shot into our celestial compass and they’ll reward you with mini golf glory.

Will you be a champion of the gods or a cursed contender? Take on the 19th to find out.