Tray of delicious coffees, including a cappuccino, latte, espresso shot and hot chocolate on a wooden board with biscuits and a spoon next to it.
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Jungle Buzz Café

Eat & Drink

Energise your expedition

Welcome to the Jungle Buzz Café, the market’s number one tropical cafe for locally roasted coffee, sweet treats, light snacks and refreshing beverages.

Image of a latte being poured from above, with rich white milk being tipped at height into a mug.

Cracking Coffee

Our ancient temples aren’t the only carefully crafted things in the jungle — perfect bean blends and silky smooth milk lead to scrumptious sips every time.

Image of a cappuccino with a small biscuit on a wooden tray nestled in some green foliage.

Local Beans

Experts in international roasting relations — perk up with quality local coffee provided by our local partners, like Hard Lines Coffee in Cardiff or Ancoats Coffee Co in Manchester.

Image of two deep chocolate brownies on a wooden tray.

Discover Delicacies

If you thought your Treetop trip couldn’t get any sweeter, just wait until you see our fresh, hand-delivered baked goods served at our tropical cafe.

The only shot you need to take is a locally roasted espresso

Our treats

From lattes to hot chocolates to a selection of cold beverages, we’re sure you’ll find the drinks menu just as refreshing at our tropical cafe. And with a complete sweet treat offering, our locally sourced baked goods and snacks are as sweet as a hole-in-one hit.

Allergens Guide

Your safety is everything — so fasten your seatbelt and review our full list of allergens and dietary considerations before take-off to Treetop.

Allergens guide
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