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The local watering hole

Welcome to The Thirsty Toucan Bar — where the rainforest’s finest cocktails and tropical mocktails are made with a Treetop twist. Everybody’s laid back here in our tropical bar and what really matters is getting the flavours right.

Image of a fruity lime and mint cocktail on the bar of the Thirsty Toucan; a fluorescent light beams blue in the background.

Discover Fresh Flavours

No matter your taste, our masterful mixologists make the best cocktails and mocktails in the jungle.

A birds-eye-view image of local craft beers from the Birmingham Brewery Co on a table surrounded by bright mini golf balls.

Hand-brewed Beers

Treetop’s number one imports — local beers from the best neighbouring breweries. Now that’s diplomacy done right.

A close up of a tropical pizza with pineapple.

Wonderfully Wonky

The Italian exchange students who started this stall may have lost the pizza shape in translation, but the flavours are certainly well-rounded. Amazingly authentic and wonky bases, each and every time.

Our tropical drinks

A menu as colourful as a toucan’s beak.

Serving up lip-smacking tropical cocktails and mocktails. Our mystic mixes come in unique glasses excavated from lost cities, toppling with extraordinary flavours and jungle-harvested garnishes. The Thirsty Toucan has become the go-to watering hole for miles around.

Allergens guide

Your safety is everything — so fasten your seatbelt and review our full list of allergens and dietary considerations before take-off to Treetop.

Allergens guide
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