Step into extraordinary

Unearth ancient Amazonian idols

Sliding animation of the Sniping Viper, made of crumbling teal stone with a large green tongue.

And Mysterious Landmarks

Step into extraordinary

Unearth ancient Amazonian idols

And Mysterious Landmarks

Sliding animation of the Fabulous Sacred Mask, with deep green eyes and a large golden crown.
Explore Treetop Adventure Golf

A wondrous world of mini golf

Calling all intrepid explorers — think you’re ready to face the jungle? Lose yourself in an extraordinary adventure across two indoor 18-hole courses.

Local Guidebook

Your trip to Treetop

Save the decoding for the cryptic carvings – your visit made easy by our Treetop tour guides.

The market

Local guide to eating and drinking

Lost recipes, local specialties — explore the extraordinary flavours of The Market’s Pizza Cabana, The Thirsty Toucan bar and the Jungle Buzz Café.

Two women laughing as they hold their mini golf clubs up in the Treetop rainforest.
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Looking for your next adventure? Choose your destination below to begin planning your mini golf expedition.

Signature illustration of the Mighty Oracle spirit tree, with glowing pink and purple roots and vines, tropical flowers and a mini golf club.
Signature illustration of the Twee-T Tower, a pink and green double story birdhouse with jungle shrubs and a mini golf club.
Signature illustration of the gold, orange and yellow Sacred Mask, with light beams shooting from its centre stone and a mini golf club.
Our party packages

VIP Experiences

At Treetop, taking the trip of a lifetime isn’t the stuff of myth and legend. Experience an extraordinary group tour with our VIP Experiences.

Signature illustration of the golden Fabulous Sacred Mask, wearing an Aztec crown with blue and pink jewels.
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