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The Number One Hangout Spot

The Market

The Market is the heart and soul of the village. It’s where locals shop, eat, drink and be merry

Grab some food and drinks from nearby Pizza Cabana, Jungle Buzz Café and The Thirsty Toucan, and pull up a seat. Tuck in at our delicious pizza bar during the daytime when acoustic music fills the air, or join in the evening buzz as the tropical bar speakers turn up and the beat gets lively.

Available at:

Birmingham, Cardiff, Leicester, and Manchester

Available at:

Birmingham, Cardiff, Leicester, Manchester, and Metrocentre

Available at:

Birmingham, Cardiff, Leicester, Manchester, and Metrocentre

Our Winter Menu Is Here

Snowball Festive Cocktail

NEW: Snowball

Mixing Advocaat, lime juice and sprite, topped with a cocktail cherry & custard cream. The perfect sip of Christmas cheer.

*Unavailable at Metrocentre
Pigs N Blankets Festive Pizza

NEW: Pigs ‘n’ Blankets Pizza

The ultimate festive side dish. Deconstructed. On a pizza. It’s a Christmas miracle. Sausage and bacon, sprinkled with rosemary and a smattering of cranberry sauce, on a gooey mozzarella and tomato base.

Five festive hot drinks lined up on a table.

NEW: Winter Drinks

Warm up with our new additions; Chai Latte, Chocolate Chai, Black Forest Hot Chocolate & Biscoff White Hot Chocolate. Also available with Ice.

Allergens guide

Your safety is everything — so fasten your seatbelt and review our full list of allergens and dietary considerations before take-off to Treetop.

Allergens guide
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