A birds-eye-view of a striped blue, brown and green table with two Pizza Cabana wonky, oval pizzas in the centre being enjoyed by two people.

Pizza Cabana

Eat & Drink

Pizza Cabana - the village pizza cafe

Thanks to a group of Italian exchange students, fresh pizza has become almost exclusively the only thing jungle residents eat (apart from the odd banana and coconut).

Girl with her hair tied back and a blue t-shirt sprinkling cheese over a raw pizza base while smiling.

Handmade, every day

Fresh scenery, fresher flavours. We make every ball of dough and splash of sauce by hand, right here in the jungle.

A close up of a tropical pizza with pineapple.

Wonderfully Wonky

The Italian exchange students who started this stall may have lost the pizza shape in translation, but the flavours are certainly well-rounded. Amazingly authentic and wonky bases, each and every time.

Yellow, red, green and pink striped wooden table covered in treats from the Pizza Cabana, like beer and wonky, handmade pizza and dough sticks.

Something For Everyone

We heard you liked exploring — and we’ve got a number of gluten free pizza and vegan pizza options to satisfy your search for the best.

Our pizza

Talking toucans and mystic masks aren’t the most surprising thing you’ll find in our jungle.

It’s actually authentic, handmade pizza. Made to order with the pizza dough and natural ingredients.

Allergens guide

Review our full list of allergens and dietary considerations before take-off to Treetop.

Allergens guide
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