No need to book – just turn up & tee off!
Quiet Session

Quiet time in the jungle

We know some of our guests prefer calm and quiet, so on the second Sunday of the month, there's a hush in our rainforest. No strobe lightning. No background buzz. Even the Sacred Mask takes it down to a whisper.

Our Quiet Sessions are open to everyone. Just turn up and tee off

P.S - When swinging by for a Quiet Session, please use the St.David's entrance by The Hayes or Barrick Lane 

Next quiet sessions

Sunday 13th February 2022 9am - 11am

Sunday 13th March 2022 9am - 11am

Sunday 10th April 2022 9am - 11am

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Quiet Session FAQs

Do I need to book online?

Nope. Just turn up and tee off.

What time will the event be on?

We’ll be open from 9am until 11am on the second Sunday of every month.

Can anyone attend?

All guests are welcome to attend our Quiet Session.

What are the rules on group sizes?

You can putt through our jungle in groups of up to four guests. If you visit with a big group and divide up, your teams can play consecutively, following each other around the course.

What changes will be made?

We’ll be turning off our music in the lobby area, toilets and The Market. Reducing the background noise and interactive holes, with all strobe lighting turned off, for a calmer journey through the jungle