Tweetopia has arrived at Treetop Cardiff

Tweetopia Birdcage

Laying undiscovered till now, Tweetopia is the rainforest’s biggest hidden secret.

New Zone

Now Open

As cosmopolitan as any human metropolis, this is where the small, the great, the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright FABULOUS all come together after a long day doing what birds do in forest canopy.

Tweetopia Buildings
This is how the birds REALLY live when no one is looking!

Welcome To Tweetopia

Forget any ideas that you had about dumb animals or bird brains, this town is as sophisticated and appointed as a regular city. Complete with strangely familiar landmarks which you might think you’ve seen somewhere before, bright lights, culture and enough strange and eccentric inhabitants to shake your tail feather at.

A tropical twist on a long island iced tea

Introducing our Tweetopia Special

Stoli Raspberry Vodka and passion fruit gin, mixed up with Triple Sec, tequila, dark rum and lemon, topped with lemonade.

Tweetopia Cocktail Cropped


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