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School Trip? Plan An Epic Mini Golf Experience

Three Children Playing Golf

For students, there’s nothing like a memorable school trip. So, make it extra special with a visit to the wondrous world of Treetop Golf.

Swap the classroom for the jungle

The Perfect School Trip

Father and son celebrating

Mini golf at Treetop is the perfect school trip that kids will love, creating an interesting and exciting day for everyone and an excuse to swap the classroom for our awe-inspiring jungle!

School trips are an important aspect of every child’s education. School trip activities can also provide a much-needed break from the day-to-day classroom environment and emphasise to children that learning can be fun!

While mini golf is normally seen as a recreational activity, it can develop essential team-building skills for children and allow them to socialise and stay active in a fun sporting activity they’re guaranteed to enjoy.

Great for children of all ages

The Educational Benefits of Mini Golf

Children Celebrating

Aside from the fun day out that’s guaranteed from a mini golf school trip, selecting a day out at Treetop can also bring a bunch of educational benefits to children of all ages.

Inclusive School Activities

Mini golf is a low-impact activity that’s designed with fun in mind. It promotes healthy competition and is a great activity for children of all ages and abilities.

Our Treetop jungles are accessible to all ages, making it a great team-building activity for kids to bond and make friends outside of the classroom environment.

Fun, Physical School Trip Ideas

Mini golf is the ideal activity for children who may not be into physical education. Not all kids love running around on the football field or playing tennis. But, mini golf encourages children to stay active and increase their physical fitness subtly without putting too much pressure on competition or winning.

Also, getting out of the house and enjoying outdoor activities is proven to be hugely beneficial to children.

Hand-eye Coordination Development

Mini golf is a fun, subtle way of developing physical ability, supporting proper balance and enhancing motor skills. It draws attention to how they hold the club and hit the ball, helping them to understand how their actions have impacted their game.

At Treetop, we take a relaxed and fun approach that can get kids excited about learning a new skill.

Problem-solving Skills

Throughout Treetop, there are numerous obstacles and exciting alternative pathways to reach the end goal. Children must navigate their way through all the twists and turns to eventually reach the hole at the end.

If the first hit is snagged by The Sniping Viper, then they’ll need to try something else, developing a mindset of trial and error and encouraging determination.

Every obstacle in the rainforest will also help children to hone their critical thinking skills, switching up their methods to overcome the challenges to get to the end of the task.

Once you've taken a trek through the jungle you'll be able to conquer anything!

Team Building for Kids

Mini golf is the perfect sport to help children develop key social skills.

These social skills will set them up for more serious competition as they get older, helping them to work as a team to reach the end and understand that it’s taking part that counts.

At Treetop there is an abundance of team spirit and good humour. Every character you meet will provide an exciting memory to talk about and you can be sure that all of our jungle residents are rooting for you. There’s no inherent skill required and people can pick up the simple rules immediately. Just remember; the lowest score wins!

Safe Educational Outings

As with any learning experience involving children, considering safe school trip ideas is the paramount goal. Finding an activity that doesn’t put any child in harm’s way is essential, and mini golf allows them to enjoy learning.

Our Treetop Mini golf experience is a safe, family-friendly option for any school activity. The children are all in one place, removing the risk of getting lost.

Every aspect of our jungles are all family friendly too, transporting children into a world of wonder and excitement. There are no scares and instead children will journey through two mystical courses full of thrilling moments throughout.

For those who would prefer the calm and quiet jungle atmosphere, we host a quiet session once a month with no strobe lightning, no background buzz and all of the sounds are reduced to a hush.

Practise Makes Perfect Maths Skills

Basic maths skills are essential for any child. At Treetop, mini golf presents a more practical opportunity for simple maths skills and allows children to solve problems on their own.

Place the children in small groups and give them the responsibility for keeping score.

Boosting Imagination for Children

Developing a keen imagination is a key skill for any child when taking part in school activities.

Here at Treetop, you can let your imagination go wild. Every step through our jungle will reveal another magical sight. It’s the perfect trip for any little explorers eager for an extraordinary adventure.

Journey through the Tropical Trail and find out what lies deep within the rainforest as you uncover mysterious characters and creatures.

Or, delve into the Ancient Explorer and navigate a forgotten world full of riddles and adventure!

We’ve no doubt that both of our courses will inspire imagination and make for a truly memorable day.

Don’t think these courses are just for young children though!

For older children, our courses are impressive enough to make even the hardest-to-please kids feel inspired and each hole provides a challenge for even the seasoned mini golfer.

What to consider

Planning Your Mini Golf School Trip

Three young children playing golf

Before you steam ahead you’ll need to consider a few things when planning your Treetop adventure.

Here are just a few of the essential things that you’ll need to think about.

School Trip Activities for Varied Class Sizes

Consider the size of the group you plan to take with you. You’ll need enough teachers or adults to cover the whole group. It might be worth taking two groups on different days if the group is too large, as you’ll need the ability to keep an eye on everyone.

Remember that mini golf is a team activity too, so it’s a good idea to break the group into teams of 4 before your arrival, with an adult per course to supervise. It might even be worth selecting a team leader who can be in charge of the scorecard!

Keep in mind that in order to keep our courses fast paced, we only allow groups of 4 per hole. We'll ask larger crews to divide up and play back-to-back, following each other around the course. That way you're never far apart in case you want to keep a close eye on the scores.

At Treetop we have a no booking policy so that everyone has the chance to play, no matter when the mini golf bug bites. However, if you’re looking to plan the day to a tee, then be sure to check out our School Trips VIP Experience. Available for groups of up to 65 children, each student will receive 1 round of mini golf, unlimited cordial, a return voucher and much more!

Incorporate Other School Trip Activities into Your Day

A mini golf adventure through Treetop can vary in time in regards to how long it takes to complete a course. Things like team size and time per hole can really influence how long you’ll need. Generally, we say it takes about 45 minutes to get around each of our courses.

Mini golf goes hand in hand with other activities when it comes to a great school trip out. Perhaps there are local science centres and museums that might help you to build an even more memorable day.

Your Nearest Mini Golf Course

Kids and travel are something that can present challenges. Your minibus will undoubtedly be filled with a chorus of ‘Are we there yet?’ so, it’s essential to find a golf course that’s not too far to reduce the anticipation.

A nearby Treetop mini golf course will help to make your school trip activities more enjoyable and less stressful for the adults on your trip, creating educational outings that don’t need to feel too much hard work.

You can find our Treetop jungles in Leicester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and Metrocentre, so if you’re nearby then we’d love to have you visit us!

What Makes the Best School Trip?

If you think back to your most memorable school trip, what makes it stand out from the crowd?

It sticks in your mind because it was fun, exciting and different to the norm. It’s also a trip where you didn’t even realise you were learning while having fun.

A mini golf trip to Treetop is the best of all the school trip ideas, simply because the kids in your class will remember it for years to come - and therefore, remember the lessons they learned too.

Mini Golf - The Best School Trip Idea

Mini golf is a unique and valuable school trip experience that helps children build their confidence, team-building skills and coordination. They’ll also gain plenty of knowledge about the world of science from a real-life setting that they can relate to and remember.

These types of practical learning experiences are essential for a child’s development and they’re also lots of fun for children and adults alike.

If you want to find out a bit more about the Treetop Golf experience, then check out our FAQs; we’re sure they’ll answer some of your questions!

To arrange your next exciting school trip learning experience, explore Treetop Golf today!


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