Ready To Roll October 6th

Treetop Golf Metrocentre

Mystic temples and ancient wonders await.

Welcome to the tropical jungle. One of the most exciting things to do in Gateshead, you’ll adventure through wondrous terrain in our two indoor 18-hole mini golf courses — be careful of ancient spirits and discover lively locals along the way. Once your appetite for adventure is fulfilled, delve into the best bars and bites the Amazon has to offer.

Metrocentre Coming Soon

Opening 6th October

Opening 6th October

Opening 6th October

Opening 6th October

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Two early twenties women and a man laugh as they make their way through the Treetop jungle.
The Market

Local guide to eating & drinking

Lost recipes, local specialties — explore the flavours of our buzzing market’s coffees, cocktails and handmade pizzas.

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VIP Experiences

At Treetop, taking the trip of a lifetime isn’t the stuff of myth and legend. Experience an extraordinary group tour with our VIP Experiences.

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Travel Tips

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We're cashless

To speed up check-in and get you trekking faster, the only coins you’ll find at Treetop are ancient aztec. Please be prepared to pay with card.

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No booking policy

We prefer to roam the jungle free — show up whenever you’re ready to play and our guides will get you going.

Colourful spin wheel light of the bonus 19 hole.

Win a free game

Every adventure includes a shot at our Bonus 19th hole — turn one hit into an extra 18.

Set of six light blue coloured lockers with a Toxic Trio frog hiding in an open locker.

Use our free lockers

There’s no need to monkey around with backpacks and jackets — lock them securely for free.

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Play more

Don’t settle for only half the story. Play both our extraordinary courses for a full day of adventure.

Illustration of Thirsty Toucan drinks including a contiki head cocktail, a bottle of beer, and a fruity orange mocktail.


Discover all your favourite flavours in The Market — uncover local specialties at Pizza Cabana, The Thirsty Toucan Bar and the Jungle Buzz Café.

Signature illustration of the golden Fabulous Sacred Mask, wearing an Aztec crown with blue and pink jewels.
Visitor centre

Ask our guides

Questions and queries about your extraordinary adventure? Hit them this way.


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