Got A Date? Mini Golf is the Answer

A young couple having drinks at the market.

Spice up date night with a trek through our vibrant jungle, perfect for getting to know someone new.

A romantic date in the rainforest

Try a mini golf date

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Both excited and nervous about a first date? You’re ready to go, are looking great and are eager to have fun with interesting conversations that create a spark.

We’ve all been there, but what if there’s an awkward silence over your candlelit meal or your date has an issue with their food!?

Don’t worry, Treetop Golf has you covered. Switch it up a little and try an adventurous mini golf date at Treetop. Maybe you've only played mini golf when you were younger? Well, Treetop offers a more immersive experience. It's ideal for any age and ability and a date idea that’s both unique and easy to get into. If you’re planning your first date, you can’t go wrong with a romantic mini golf date in the rainforest.

An exciting activity with flexibility

Why Mini Golf is the Perfect Date Idea

Couple celebrating while playing mini golf.

Mini golf is at the top of the list of things to do for a date simply because it removes those first-date jitters. It’s an exciting activity with tons of flexibility, and it helps you relax and to just be yourself. The amazing atmosphere here in the jungle is also ideal for a double or group date if you're not quite ready to tee it up on your own yet. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to see who can be the power couple and take home the bragging rights (and buy the first round).

Breaking the Ice on Your First Date

While playing mini golf at Treetop, you’re constantly trekking around the rainforest, so instead of awkwardly sitting opposite each other you'll be uncovering ancient landmarks and meeting some of our local jungle residents.

As you dodge twisting vines and trail through crumbling temples, you'll never be short of things to talk about. This creates an easy-flowing conversation, without having to scrabble for interesting anecdotes. You'll be giving the Chattering Toucans a run for their money in no time. Plus, whether you’re working your way through the Tropical Trail or exploring the ruins of Ancient Explorer, you’ll never run out of things to say. If you do, we’re sure the Mighty Oracle can also give you a hand.

There are endless curiosities around for you to marvel at and plenty of jungle residents to interact with, so enjoy the Treetop Golf experience; you’re amongst friendly faces who are rooting for you.

Avoid Awkward Face-to-face Conversation

Treetop is a vibrant and friendly environment and mini golf allows you to relax into the situation, have a casual conversation and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s a chance to show off your light-hearted, fun side without the heavy commitment.

If you’re stuck on what to talk about, here are some handy tips.

Mini Golf Creates Healthy Competition

The mini golf at Treetop is not easy and it can create some real competitiveness! Perfect for teasing your date for missing an easy putt and bantering over who has the best swing.

No two shots are ever the same when playing mini golf in our rainforest. Choose your path wisely and watch it play out. Don't forget about the six shot limit of course.

Playful banter in the early stages of a relationship is a great way to have fun and create chemistry, helping you to connect on a deeper level. It makes communication free-flowing and lays the groundwork for a second date.

Embrace the Mini Golf Nostalgia

Mini golf is an amazing atmosphere for nostalgia and Treetop is no exception. It's an activity enjoyed by children that also makes adults want to feel like children again!

The golfing atmosphere is likely to bring back all of your favourite childhood memories as you both take part in the jungle adventure together.

It’s also a great opportunity to make some new memories. If the date works out, you can talk about your jungle adventure for years to come; you’ll have a fantastic first date story!

Be sure to revisit for future dates to rekindle those early memories and turn those 6 shots into a hole in one.

Immerse Yourself in Mini Golf Themed Courses

One of the reasons that mini golf is so popular is because of its uniqueness. No course is the same and they all feature really great themes that add that extra magic to a first date.

We like to keep things under wraps at Treetop Golf, but we’re certain that facing off against The Sniping Viper and outwitting The Mighty Oracle is going to make your first date one to remember!

An amazing atmosphere makes a date feel extra special and gives you both lots to talk about. It’s the perfect backdrop for a selfie and be sure to make use of our photo booth opportunity at the end - that lasting memory that your date can take away to remember.

Date Night Compatibility

Suggesting mini golf as your ideal date night is a fantastic way to judge your compatibility. It shows that you’re a fun and active person who’s willing to think outside the box to create unique, lasting memories. If your date loves the idea, you’re probably onto a winner.

Your actual game will also give you a fantastic insight into the type of person you’ve chosen to date. The way you play mini golf and work your way through the rainforest shows hints towards their personality. Just don't take it personally if your score is ruined by that pesky viper!

Just remember, first dates are a two-way street and will also show them a thing or two about you, so be yourself and have fun.

Enjoying a Commitment-free, Cost-effective Date Night

Price should never be the first thought on a date, but for a first date, no one wants to end up with a whopping bill to pay at the end.

Mini golf at Treetop is a cost-effective first date where you can get a bite to eat and a drink that you can guarantee your date will love; it fits everyone’s taste.

You know that you made your date happy and saved the expensive meal for the next could even come back for round 2!

Day Time Dates

For a first date, not everyone enjoys staying out all night. If you’re more of an early bird than a night owl, you still get to have a really fun day out. There’s also no risk of missing that dreaded last train home.

Mini golf is the perfect day date even if it's raining all day long. There might be a rainforest at Treetop but we promise you'll be completely sheltered from the unpredictable British weather.

If you’re having a great time, be sure to head to the Thirsty Toucan Bar afterwards and enjoy a drink. Who knows, after a bit of liquid luck you might even want to try and go round again.

At Treetop no two games are the same, and neither of our two courses are the same. Keep the fun going and be sure to experience both of our immersive courses- you might beat them this time.

Fun first mini golf

Tips for a Successful Mini Golf Date

Young Couple Playing Mini Golf and Smiling.

Plan Your Perfect Mini Golf Date Night

The reason that mini golf at Treetop is such a great date idea is that the evening is so flexible. You can tailor your night to how you’re feeling and make it as long, or as short as you’d like.

If you’re having a great time after you’ve journeyed through course number one, then take a break in the Market, have some food and drink and go from there.

The beauty of a mini golf date is that no course will be the same, even if you do the same one twice. One miss-swing and your whole game could go down the pan, opening the door to extra laughs and banter.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that a mini golf adventure at Treetop is a fantastic first date choice. It’s one of the few sports that actually is for everyone, no matter your age, size or skill level. Even if your date has never been before, they’ll pick it up instantly with the easy rules and hole-in-one shots that come from pure luck!

It’s fun, flexible and creates amazing memories that you can carry with you throughout what could be a fantastic relationship.

If you’re ready to plan your perfect mini golf date night, visit Treetop Golf now to book your themed course.


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