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New Jungle Shakes

4 milkshakes lined up on a table.

Bongo roll please… We’ve had a menu shake-up and we think you’re going to like it.

Mystic levels of milkiness

Just landed

Think mystic levels of milkiness. Fresh and fruity flavours. And a big, squirty mound of cream on the top. Sound good? Hit The Market in between rounds to give our new shakes a slurp. Available at your local Treetop right now!

Shake, rattle and roll

Pick a flavour

Introducing Bananarama, Strawberry Slurp, Chocky-Wocky & Mango-Go-Go to the pack. Pick a flavour – or two – then shake, rattle and roll. Moo-free? Ask for oat milk and vegan whipping cream instead.

4 milkshakes lined up on a table.
Perfect pick me ups

New Iced Drinks

Temperatures may be rising, but we're keeping things chill in our jungle with our revamped new iced drinks range. Grab a perfect pick-me-up with the Jungle Buzz Café's Iced Coffees - featuring the the all new Iced Salted Caramel Latte and Iced Mint Chocolate Mocha.

3 iced drinks lined up on a table.
For something sweeter

Iced Tea

For those looking for something sweeter, there's the smooth, cool, Peach & Mango Iced Tea.

A peach iced tea displayed on a table.
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Travel Tips

Illustration of a green cash machine printing a receipt after being tapped by a credit card.

We're cashless

To speed up check-in and get you trekking faster, the only coins you’ll find at Treetop are ancient aztec. Please be prepared to pay with card.

An illustration of a calendar with a hand-drawn looking monkey and an ‘x’ marks the spot on it.

No booking policy

We prefer to roam the jungle free — show up whenever you’re ready to play and our guides will get you going.

Colourful spin wheel light of the bonus 19 hole.

Win a free game

Every adventure includes a shot at our Bonus 19th hole — turn one hit into an extra 18.

Set of six light blue coloured lockers with a Toxic Trio frog hiding in an open locker.

Use our free lockers

There’s no need to monkey around with backpacks and jackets — lock them securely for free.

Four multi coloured balls and a light blue club with striped orange and yellow handle illustration.

Play more

Don’t settle for only half the story. Play both our extraordinary courses for a full day of adventure.

Illustration of Thirsty Toucan drinks including a contiki head cocktail, a bottle of beer, and a fruity orange mocktail.


Discover all your favourite flavours in The Market — uncover local specialties at Pizza Cabana, The Thirsty Toucan Bar and the Jungle Buzz Café.


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