Reopening on Friday 14th August

Our jungle is reopening for adventures, with a few changes to keep you safe

  • Contactless
    Every payment contactless
  • Hands washed
    Hands washed and washed again
  • Hand sanitiser
    Hand sanitiser all around the jungle
  • Spick and span
    All surfaces spick and span
  • Clubs and balls
    Clubs & balls freshly scrubbed
  • New pencil
    New pencil for every group
  • Fewer people
    Fewer people for more space

Showing Covid-19 symptoms? Stay at home


How will you be managing social distancing when you reopen?

To keep our guests and team safe, there’ll be a one-way route for guests, fewer people for more space, and signs throughout the rainforest to keep guests a safe distance apart at all times. We've set up hand sanitiser stations, too, and we're only taking contactless payments. We’ll also be on the ball with extra cleaning – keeping hands and surfaces washed and washed again, and freshly scrubbing clubs and balls for every golfer.

We’ve also put rainforest parties and events on hold for now.

How will you be limiting large gatherings when you reopen?

We’ll have a Treetop Host waiting at the entrance to welcome you. They’ll make sure there’s only a limited number of people in the rainforest at any one time.

Will we need to book online?

Nope, just turn up and tee off. If it’s a busy time, you may need to queue while our Treetop Host makes sure there aren’t too many people in the rainforest. But they’ll let you know if you need to wait.

Will your opening hours change?

Yes. For now, we'll be opening from 10am every day and closing 9pm Sun-Wed and 10pm Thurs-Sat.

Our family/group is more than four people. Will we be able to play?

Yes! We’ll just ask you to split into teams of four or less, and play the course one after the other

More questions? See our full list of FAQs